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Access from
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The user defines and enters in the system his contact details and his basic medical information, which are useful data to be considered in case of an emergency. Such data may be the following:

Personal information
Name, Last name, ID Nº, Address, Blood Group.

The user describes the drugs he is taking so that the health professional assisting him can be aware of their contraindications. The system allows the user to define dose, route of administration, date of administration and reason for taking medication.

The user specifies pre-existing conditions and comments about them.

The user specifies pre-existing conditions and comments about them.

The medical advice given to the user against a disease is described in this item.

Here the user defines the contact details of his family doctor and/or family contacts to be alerted in case of an emergency.


In order to be used by everybody, ToViver is designed to be seen and managed from any platform.
It can be downloaded as an application for mobile phones or it can be accessed through the Internet.


ToViver is a system that will allow you and your family to enter your useful clinical data for use 24 hours a day in case of emergencies.
You can manage a digital medical record with the aim of providing information in case you need to be assisted. By scanning a QR code provided by ToViver system, the assisting person will be able to access your most important clinical data in order to be used by the professional involved. Also, the application works as a tool to alert and report immediately to the contacts of the assisted user in case of a possible event.


By using ToViver, medical institutions, health services and patients in general can have access to a safe, portable and flexible system of emergency digital medical records available at the time and place they are required.


Preferably, the data stored in the system are described in modules. This information in modules arranged by ToViver, gives you the possibility of subdividing it in at least two modular lines:

a) The information that is meant for emergencies only (showing basic personal information such as blood group, chronic diseases, medications you are taking and allergies). Those non-professional people who assist in the emergency can have access to this information.
b) Any other type of sensitive or confidential information such as the information related to the medical record, which must be interpreted by a physician, and the information needed to contact your relatives and health professionals (family doctor) are stored separately in another module. Those who have access to this information will be health professionals previously registered as such.