This website is the property of de Docencia S.A., andyou may access the digital services offered in You should then read the terms and conditions hereto, and express by the corresponding button full and unreserved acceptance and adhesion to each and every term and condition. You shall be presumed to have accepted them if you continue the process of accessing the contents and / or registration you have begun.

FIRST. About services.

1.1. ToViver provides visitors and users of the website, for personal and private use, access to an extensive collection of information from all medical disciplines, using varied tools, such as interviews with internationally recognized scientific authorities, scientific journal, collections of  medical and scientific infographics, documentaries on current medical issues, etc. 1.2. It is absolutely clear that ToViver website aim at the dissemination of information on issues related to health, medicine and science in general and therefore do not provide medical advice whatsoever; 1.3. The contents of the websites are not intended to replace professional medical advice or make medical diagnoses or prescribe specific treatments;1.4. You should always seek the assistance of a health professional who is qualified to answer your questions about specific medical situations and to clarify any doubts that may arise from the general contents posted on the website in relation to particular cases; 1.5. You should never overlook any medical advice or delay your visit to a professional because of some information obtained from our websites; 1.6. The user and the visitor should specially consider that ToViver does not recommend any professional treatment, or product, or therapeutic procedure, or opinion, or information that may be mentioned on the website; 1.7. The disseminated medical and scientific information may not necessarily be shared by ToViver, so the owner of the website does not assume any responsibility for scientific certainty, veracity or efficacy of the information published, even when anticipated reasonable precautions have been taken to include information from verified and reliable sources; 1.8. The Website contains material and opinions provided by third parties. ToViver assumes no responsibility for such contents, while the interviewed people or contributors of the material are solely responsible for its truthfulness and accuracy. ToViver does not necessarily share the views included in such contents, which are expressed ​​by third parties, so trusting them is a personal decision of the user. 1.9. The software provided is called ToViver, which allows the user to record the clinical history, facilitating decision making by the relevant health authorities, based on the clinical record of the community that is registered (tailor-made strategies).

SECOND. About the property and use of contents and software.

2.1. All rights about contents and software are reserved and protected by copyright and international copyright laws, especially the rights agreed in the Argentine law that adheres to the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIP’s); 2.2. The entire contents of the websites (texts, images, sounds, animations, etc.) are exclusive property of Docencia S.A. (unless otherwise specified) and are protected by intellectual property laws; 2.3. The contents of the website, unless otherwise stated, may be used citing the source website: 2.4. However, it is an intellectual property infringement to use part of this website or its contents, or its elements to create, complete, or compose entirely or partly another website, unless the source is expressly cited with the express written permission of Docencia S.A. Therefore, the total or partial reproduction of this website is prohibited without the mentioned permission; 2.5. In case of private use of the material on this website, it is expressly prohibited its alteration or modification, including the suppression of legends or mentions of the author. The user agrees not to modify, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the Software in any case. ToViver prohibits the use of external programs to modify the content posted on this website (defined as “external” those softwares different from ToViver software and databases or profiles that are not based on software, such as websites and subscription services). The user accepts that ToViver may take steps to detect and prevent the use of these programs (external). These measures may include, but not be limited to, the analysis of applications running simultaneously with ToViver applications that allow visiting the website in the User computer; 2.6. The material contained on the website may not be distributed to third parties without citing the source; 2.7. Even citing the source, any use of the website for illegal, abusive, defamatory, obscene or threatening purposes is strictly prohibited; 2.8. The contents provided by the website may not be marketed. 2.9. On the other hand, the software licensed ToViver is of intellectual property, solely and exclusively of Teaching S.A. This intellectual property covers the computer system, its source code and the structure of its database. The ToViver software includes its documentation, presentation, structure, organization, embedded text and the associated database, the Know How, is owned and authored by Docencia S.A. and is protected by the national legislation on intellectual property and copyright and by the provisions of the International Treaties on Copyright, among other regulations; 2.10. It is expressly forbidden for the user to perform any action that directly or indirectly may modify, alter, decompile, reverse engineer and / or disassemble the ToViver Software. Likewise, the user may not sublicense, sell and / or commercialize, reproduce, assign, lend, copy and / or, in general, transmit any title, whether partial or total, transient or permanent, free of charge and / or onerous, being held jointly and severally liable along with their dependents, Providers and / or third parties for the damages that could be caused to Docencia S.A.

THIRD. Amendments. Ius variandi or rightto modifythe contents and “T&C”.

3.1. Both the type of service described in the first clause and its features may be amended by ToViver at any time, and any amendment shall be included in the “T&C” hereto. 3.2. ToViver may amend or change all or part of the legal terms and conditions of use at any time, without the users consent. 3.3. Amendments to the “T&C” shall become effective as of the moment they are posted on this website. 3.4. The user is advised the regular reading of the “T&C” on this website, or his upgrade in the system to learn about the innovations that may be introduced.

FOURTH. Registered users. Obtained data management policy.

4.1. ToViver may, from, provide users, who access the option of personal login, with special services such as service advertisements, administrative messages and promotion of the training, update and advanced courses, etc.. 4.2. For the purpose of accessing these special services offered by ToViver, you should sign up as a user, to which effect the acceptance of these “T&C” implies the confirmation of your civil capacity to contract under the laws of Argentina, as well as the veracity of the information provided at registration and its update every time it is changed, which means that you shall be committed to assure the continued correlation with the current real data. 4.3. By agreeing to sign up at the website, you shall receive in your e-mail address a non-transferable password and user account designation to be used to access the information on the website and you shall be responsible for keeping the confidentiality of the password and account, which is strictly personal and under your solely responsibility. 4.4. Any unauthorized use of your password or account should be immediately notified to ToViver . 4.5. The acceptance of the “T&C” hereto implies the basic obligation of assuring the complete logout in the account after using it in order to prevent its utilization by unauthorized people. 4.6. In turn, ToViver informs the privacy policy that is applied to the obtained data: 4.6.1. By accepting the “T&C”, you give your consent to the present data privacy policy. 4.6.2. The use of the website implies acceptance of this personal data management policy. If you do not agree, do not continue with your visit to this website since its mere use shall imply consent. 4.6.3. The stated privacy policy is the one that ToViver has established and applied, so if you eventually access other websites through links you should know that this privacy policy is not extensive to them. In these cases, you should consult the pertinent privacy policies of those websites you may visit. 4.6.4. Any personal information provided by the user shall be managed according to the terms of Act 25,236 of personal data of Argentina, so you are assisted by the right to totally or partially access, modify or delete such information, which may be done by sending an e-mail to; 4.6.5. It is understood that the total or partial suppression of information that we deem necessary for the validity of your membership can mean the adaptation or restriction of our services according to the level of information you have provided and maintained by interacting with the website. 4.6.6. Any personal information provided by the user shall not be used unless it is expressly authorized by the visitor, or transferred, or distributed, or disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the owner of the data, unless otherwise legally required or requested by competent authority. 4.6.7. The user acknowledges, accepts and expressly authorizes ToViver to make statistics of use, management, results, scientific publications and other aspects related to the software called ToViver and its use by Docencia S.A., provided that such statistics and / or scientific works do not reveal data that do to the privacy of the individuals collected. 4.7. The website may also be funded through advertising, but ToViver shall not share information about you with advertisers without your consent. Advertisers shall choose the characteristics of users that may generate well-defined groups according to certain features and shall also use information shared by users in order to place advertisements on their websites. 4.7.1. Location Information: in case of providing a service that supports location sharing mode, when you share your location with others or add a location to your profile, such information shall be treated as any other posted content with regard to privacy settings. The service may anticipate, from the QR code scan, besides obtaining information from the affected user as an additional feature,  the possibility of sending an SMS to the user-authorized contacts: family,  friends and/or physician, reporting the event, location, severity and eventual referral medical center of the user; in this case the service is only intended to direct the message issued by the professionals who may assist the user during the event, but under no circumstance it holds responsible for the accuracy and veracity generated and issued by the healthcare professionals who assist the user in the event concerned. Therefore, the person sending the data shall be solely responsible for the accuracy thereof. 4.7.2. Those advertisers who submit ads may use technological methods to measure the effectiveness of their advertisements or to personalize the advertising content. And correspondingly, ToViver may request advertisers some parameters on how users have responded to displayed ads and other comparisons such as the so-called “conversion tracking” that measure advertising effectiveness, improve the quality of ads and verify whether the user has interacted with other websites advertisements. 4.7.3. Certain type of information such as name, profile picture, contacts, sex and location is considered public and therefore shall not have privacy settings. Should the website allow sending messages to the user contacts by e-mail or any other way, such information shall be subject to the privacy settings of the other user. 4.7.4. If the user invites another user who may be ordinary person or healthcare professional, a message on behalf of the first user and with his name shall be sent to the invited user. 4.7.5. In the event of sale or change of control over all or substantially all the business, the user information may be transferred to the new owner so that the service may continue operating. The buyer or controlling party shall be subject to the privacy terms of the other user.

FIFTH. Contents. Parents and tutors responsibility.

5.1. We are committed to the care of children. ToViver website are not designed or intended for children or minors.; 5.2. Although the information provided by ToViver is of strictly medical and scientific content on human health in general, it is clarified that it may not be suitable for proper understanding by children. It is then the responsibility of parents to decide whether or not the website may be visited by their younger children; 5.3. This website may display scientific content related to sexually explicit health. If you consider this material offensive, please do not visit our website; 5.4. The website contains or may provide links to information provided by third parties, and ToViver may not control hyperlinks to other Internet sites in order to facilitate access to related information. In this case, ToViver may not assume responsibility for the content of such websites and recommends parents to supervise their minor children, in the event that they are authorized to visit this website, in virtue of the links that it may include.

SIXTH. Code of conduct for users.

In case that, as a registered user you send your comments or opinions via e-mail or forums or interact with the website in any other way, you agree not to use the Service to; 6.1. Upload or transmit any illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, defamatory, vulgar, obscene or ethically aggressive content; 6.2. Harm minors; 6.3. Include comments to which you are not entitled to or that are within the scope of professional, contractual or scientific confidentiality, or that violate trademarks, patents, trade secrets, copyright, intellectual property or confidentiality agreements; 6.4. Upload advertisements that are unsolicited or related to the content you want to comment or contrary to ToViver ; 6.5. Interfere with or interrupt the service affecting the servers and disobey any requirement, procedure, policy or regulation of networks connected to the service; 6.6. Violate local laws of Argentina; 6.7. ToViver at its sole discretion may preselect and refuse or remove any opinion or submission from the user that may infringe the “T&C” hereto or that is questionable at its sole discretion. ToViver reserves the right to restrict the user access to the website, if at its sole discretion the user uses it to violate a law, violate the rights of third parties or infringe the terms and conditions hereto. 6.8. ToViver also reserves the right to immediately remove the access to the service and contents of those users who infringe the provisions of these “T&C”, especially when access is used for illegitimate purposes, notwithstanding the legal actions that by such conduct may be appropriate. Any decision in this regard shall not be subject to appeal; 6.9. The User shall be responsible for any damage, cost or charge resulting from unauthorized use of this website and agrees to hold ToViver harmless before claims, demands, obligations, losses and expenses resulting from any breach of all or part of these T&C, and from unauthorized use of this website by himself or by third parties who may log in using his personal password; 6.10. In the event that the user becomes aware of the unauthorized use of the website or its contents by third parties, he should immediately inform ToViver and provide all necessary assistance in any type of investigation resulting from such unauthorized use. 6.11. The user may not assign his rights or obligations arising from the T&C hereto.

SEVENTH. ToViver. Special provisions.

7.1. With the intention of reducing morbidity and mortality in accidents and medical episodes of all kind in public spaces, Docencia S.A. offers the ToViver service, which allows, through a coding system (QR, NFC or others that may be adopted in the future), a rapid identification of the medical profile of the user, in the case that emergency medical assistance is required; 7.2. Those people who want to access ToViver service must sign up and complete the respective digital forms with the essential personal and health data required. As from access, the system shall generate a code that the user may print or ask Docencia S.A. or its business associates to send it. The user may carry this code to quickly identify his history in an emergency; all general rules related to the property and use of contents specified in these T&C and specifically in the second clause, also apply to the code generated in the mentioned conditions. Therefore, this code is the property of Docencia S.A. and shall not be marketed by the User or third parties. Similarly, Docencia S.A. may amend the features and contents of the Code and, if deemed necessary, shall give notice to Users. 7.3. The information created and entered by the user in his QR is at his sole responsibility and, as it has been created by the user, he disclaims any responsibility to Docencia S.A. and therefore to ToViver for its veracity, reliability, accuracy and validity, whereas Docencia S.A. only provides the service to encode the information provided by the user and to allow decoding by the registered health professionals acting in a medical emergency. The user is also responsible for keeping a continued update of his personal health information to be encoded in his QR; 7.4. The information related to the health and other personal data of the user that he may create in the ToViver system shall receive the management set out in National Act Nº 26,529 on patients’ rights in relation to health professionals and institutions regarding protection, administration and dissemination of personal and clinical information provided by the user, with due protection of sensitive data. Likewise, Docencia S.A. shall not be responsible for the misuse of that information if third parties have access to it against the express or presumed will of the user, who shall commit to prevent access to his data from third parties outside the service. 7.5. The acceptance by the user of the T&C hereto shall imply his conformity so that Docencia S.A. may allow access, by decoding his QR, to the physicians, paramedics, nurses and assistants of the emergency medical assistance companies that are subscribed to ToViver system; 7.6. The holder shall implement the necessary means and resources to prevent access by unauthorized people to the health information added to the system; 7.7. ToViver reserves the right to charge a fee to the registered professionals for the protection, custody and dissemination service, in case of emergency; 7.8. It is the user’s responsibility to have an Internet connection appropriate to the operational requirements of ToViver website.


The laws of Argentina, notwithstanding the applicable conflict of laws provisions, shall govern the “T&C” and the relationship between you and Docencia S.A. In the event of invalidity of a clause, the rest shall remain valid. You and Docencia S.A. expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Córdoba city, Argentina, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond. Before resorting to the agreed courts, Docencia S.A. and the user commit to seek an amicable settlement of any disagreement that may arise regarding the use of the “T&C” hereto.